Nationwide services including rental management and property preservation.


Buying single assets or a bulk purchase, Promisor is actively seeking residential real estate for its portfolio.



Value analysis from MSA – to address-level evaluation, cash-flow modeling and exit strategy recommendations.


Proven leader in asset disposition. Maximizing return by recognizing real estate trends and expertly managed marketing.

Promisor Residential combines decades of residential real estate expertise, industry leadership, proprietary technology and a national network of service providers toward predicting and recognizing market trends and residential housing opportunities.


Our client investors trust Promisor for development, design, research and implementation of market strategies from acquisition to rental to sale.


Residential real estate investors large and small from local to national rely on Promisor for any combination of analysis, management and reporting on any size portfolio.


Promisor Residential is a subsidiary of Moving Station, LLC, a global relocation management company founded in 1996.  Combining decades of technology, service and consulting expertise with a dedicated focus on residential real estate, Promisor offers portfolio investors skilled and efficient service and guidance.